Why Is My Hot Water Cloudy?

It is very common to sometimes notice that your hot water is in fact cloudy or milky when you pour yourself a glass of hot water from the tap.

Why Is My Hot Water Cloudy

You may have wondered what has caused this to happen and whether this water is safe to use. In this article, we will be discussing what and why your hot water may be coming out cloudy and whether it is safe to be used.

What Causes Cloudy Water To Come From A Hot Tap?

In the majority of cases, if you notice that cloudy water has come out of your hot tap, this isn’t anything to worry about. Usually, cloudy water is caused by air bubbles that are in your water and trying to escape.

With cold water, it has the better ability to hold dissolved gasses. Then when cold water is heated up using your water heater, this creates hot water which is under a lot of pressure.

Due to the water being contained in your plumbing, the air in the water isn’t able to escape. As a result, when you do then turn the hot water tap, you will notice cloudy water, as the hot water isn’t able to hold onto the air anymore.

Therefore, when the hot water tap is switched on, this then also releases the high pressure in the water. Hence, the air is able to escape in the form of small bubbles in the water.

Typically, if you notice cloudy water, the bubbles leave the water and escape, you should then be left with normal clean water.

With cloudy water, it shouldn’t stay cloudy for very long. The water will slowly begin to clear from the bottom towards the top as the bubbles and air escape and rise upwards.

Only if the cloudy water remains, then there may be an important issue to be solved.

Can You Drink Cloudy Water?

As we have established, cloudy water is cloudy due to air bubbles that have not escaped from the water.

Therefore, if you set your cup of cloudy water down on the side, after a couple of minutes the water will begin to clear. Due to the bubbles of air and escaping from the water.

Although, if your water still looks very milky or cloudy after a couple of minutes, then the issue with the water isn’t due to air. You may have another issue with your water, and you should consider hiring a professional or plumber to figure out the problem.

It is completely safe to drink cloudy water, and it won’t have any effects on your health. Although, sometimes the effects of cloudy water can have effects on your pipes and even stain your sink.

Yet, overall, cloudy water isn’t a huge problem. If your water stays yellow, green or brown as well as being cloudy, then the water could be harmful to you.

This will dampen what kind of bacteria is in the water to turn a different color than what it normally should be.

Alongside that, cloudy water can sometimes be due to hard water. This can then because minerals build up in your pipes and faucet, which can then shorten the life of your appliances.

How To Fix Cloudy Water

How To Fix Cloudy Water

Sometimes, cloudy water can be caused by a blocked aerator. This will increase the pressure of your water that you receive from your hot water tap, which can cause the water to turn cloudy.

It is easy to clean a clogged aerator by using a mixture of one part water and vinegar and soaking the aerator overnight. Then in the morning rinse the aerator and reinstall it.

By cleaning the aerator may stop your cloudy water in the short term, but it may be something you will have to repeatedly do. In the long term it may be better to replace the aerator.

On the other hand, the problem may be due to the water heater. You will know if the water heater is the problem, if the water remains cloudy.

The cloudy water may be due to a build up of sentiment due to hard water. Hiring a professional may be able to look over your water heater to find you a solution to your cloudy water and tell you if your water is safe for you to drink.

If the cloudy water is safe to drink, you want to consider installing a drinking water system or a water filtration system to prevent cloudy water occurring on your drinking taps.

This can prevent cloudy water from occurring and any harmful bacteria accidentally making its way into your hot water.

Finally, sometimes the cloudy water is due to the water supplier. If work is being done in the local area, your main water supply may be switched off. Air is known to get into the water mains while work is being carried out and will become dissolved in the water.

Thus, when the mains are switched back on, the chances of cloudy water are increased. In this scenario, you may just need to wait a couple of days for the water to get back to normal.


It is very common to have cloudy water produced from your hot water tap. Sometimes, cloudy water is due to bacteria, but typically it is caused by air trapped in the water.

Generally, cloudy water is nothing to worry about, but there are ways to prevent or solve the issue as we have spoken about in this article.

We hope you have found this article useful and now understand why cloudy water is being produced from your hot water tap. However, if you are still unsure or concerned, then we suggest you seek the advice of a professional plumber to help solve the issue.

Mandy Anderson