The WaterMill Review

Being able to access clean, safe water is a necessity that everybody deserves to have around the world.

The WaterMill Review

However, there are more and more individuals who cannot access this. The human body needs to stay hydrated in order to survive and function properly.

Because of poor resources and a lack of funding, there are many groups of people who are missing out on reliable access to clean water on a daily basis.

Luckily, the WaterMill is working hard to allow more people access to clean water. Here is a complete review of this service, complete with pros and cons.

What Can The WaterMill Do?

Before reviewing this service, it’s important to understand what they actually do. The WaterMill provides clean, filtered water in a selection of locations around the country.

Customers can bring their own containers for a water fountain or large bottles to fill.

This was done to reduce single-use plastic, and to allow customers to save money in  the long run.

The majority of bottled water has a certain price tag because you are paying for the plastic bottle, or the container that it comes in.

The WaterMill has a quality and customer satisfaction guarantee that you will be happy with your experience, the price, and the process of getting drinking water as a whole.


Firstly, the overall taste experience of the water is a direct result of the purification and careful filtration that has occurred. The WaterMill carries out a careful taste and odor filter beforehand in order to remove any odor or taste of any kind.

As a result, the end product is a palette neutralizer and refreshing water without any flavor, taste, or odor.

In fact, many people who try the WaterMill prefer the taste of their water to drink than anything else. Be careful when you use this service, as you might get hooked!


You can find a WaterMill refill station within a fifteen-minute drive of most locations. They can be found across the map, and it is certainly worth taking a closer look for your nearest refill site.

The biggest reason why the service could be deemed as inconvenient, is the fact that customers need to bring their own containers.

If you are someone who tends to throw their used plastic bottles away, however, then it is worth holding onto them to use again.

This can increase the estimated lifespan of your plastic containers and allow you to produce less household waste on average.

Larger bottles, such as five gallon containers, are even better for this purpose.

This is because you can collect more drinking water that will keep you and your family hydrated with high quality, purified water for longer.

Value For Money

Another quality that makes the WaterMill stand out is the value for money. This is especially impressive when considering the amount of purification processes that take place.

Every time a customer wants to refill their bottle, the water goes through a reverse osmosis process in order to remove a selection of chemical contaminants.

In comparison to store bought plastic bottles of water, the WaterMill is much more affordable. This means that this isn’t considered to be a high-end, premium product.

The founders of the WaterMill aimed at providing a basic service for people who needed it, and they have certainly achieved that. More people can access clean drinking water across the country thanks to this service.

Even if you are using the ice that is available to fill your cool box, drinks coolers, or anything else, then it is better value for money than it would be to purchase pre-bagged ice from the store. Consider WaterMill for all of your hydration needs!

Some people have argued that it costs a lot more to refill a large bottle of water with the WaterMill than it does to purchase a multipack of single use plastic water bottles.

While it can feel like it costs more in this way, it is worth remembering that you can refill larger amounts of water at once.

Depending on the size and maximum capacity of the bottle you are using, you can get more water for a lower rate on average. Consider the value rather than the initial costs needed to use the WaterMill.

Environmental Impact

Of course, one of the fundamental reasons for the WaterMill’s creation is to prevent plastic waste and give people access to reliable, clean water.

Because of this, the emphasis has been placed on the quality of water itself rather than the packaging.

By challenging our daily habits and the overall amount of plastic waste that is put into landfills, the WaterMill aims to help reduce carbon emissions as a country. This can allow us, as a society, to create a more sustainable future.

Within the current world, there is a great deal of uncertainty. In terms of the climate, it is critical that steps are being taken to protect the natural world and reduce the total amount of household waste that is produced.

By choosing reusable water bottles and refilling them regularly, you can significantly reduce the amount of single use plastic that is being used.

Over time, this can lead to less of this material being manufactured in the first place.

Single use plastics are responsible for a range of carbon emissions and microplastics.

Because of this, it is essential to move away from plastics as a society where possible. Drinking water can be refilled into reusable containers, thanks to the WaterMill.

Customer Service

In addition to the key qualities mentioned, the WaterMill has highly impressive customer service.

Even though their refill sites are not manned, they are being monitored 24/7. A team member is keeping an eye on everything at all times through computers.

There is a team of workers who are happy to help whenever you have a query or concern. It is also worth mentioning that a member of staff can be reached using the phone numbers on display at any refill site.

There have been many high praises when it comes to rating the quality of care and attention that the WaterMill’s customer service team provides. It is certainly worth giving them a try and seeing for yourself.

Easy To Use

At any location, you can pay for your water while your container is filling up. The experience is fast and easy, which definitely makes the WaterMill stand out.

There is very little time needed to fill up a large container, and we did not have any trouble accessing all of the services that the WaterMill has to offer!

During a busy period, the WaterMill filtration system and purification can fail. However, the entire system will pause briefly until this is corrected.

We found this especially impressive, because it demonstrates the company’s dedication to a high quality experience.

Not only that, but it shows how determined the WaterMill are to provide access to clean, safe, drinking water.

There are also additional features that make the WaterMill special. This includes the ice dispensing section at most locations. It is worth planning a visit to your nearest WaterMill station during a particularly warm day.

Overall Pros And Cons


  • The WaterMill provides access to clean water across the country.
  • Because there are so many locations, you are never more than a fifteen-minute drive from a refill station.
  • Using the refill stations is incredibly easy and simple.
  • The WaterMill services reduce the demand for plastic bottles of water, that will ultimately end up on a landfill site.
  • Getting water in this way is tasty, crisp, and pure. There is careful purification that has been done on all WaterMill drinking water.
  • Using the WaterMill for your drinking water is far better value for money than purchasing single-use plastic bottles of water from any store.
  • When you need help, you can call the customer service line. A member of staff will be happy to provide you with the tips and support that you need.


  • Some people find the lack of in-person customer service a little unusual. However, it makes the entire refilling process far smoother on the whole, and each site is monitored through computers.
  • Others find it difficult to begin saving their plastic containers, especially if this is something that is new to them. Because of this, the WaterMill has a selection of large bottles and refillable drinking bottles that can help you get started.


Accessing clean drinking water is a basic human necessity that should not be compromised.

The WaterMill has been created to provide more people across the country with access to purified, clean drinking water.

This should not be seen as a luxury, which is why the WaterMill focuses on providing customers with high quality drinking water that can be refilled to make it more affordable.

As a result, the WaterMill encourages customers to reduce their plastic waste and create more sustainable habits for the future. Protecting the natural world is a must.

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