How to Change the Water Filter in Your Bosch Refrigerator in Seconds

If your Bosch refrigerator has an ice and water dispenser, then the filter needs to be changed regularly. It’s a quick and easy task that keeps the water clean and healthy for you and your family.




Most modern Bosch refrigerators use the same type of UltraClarity filter:

UltraClarity Pro Filter model #BORPLFTR55, which is item #11032531 on the Bosch website.


Bosch, which owns Thermador and Gaggenau brand refrigerators, also owns UltraClarity, so UltraClarity filters are used for these brands also. 


Previous model numbers

This filter replacement cartridge is for Bosch Evolution 500 and 800 series refrigerators, including models: 

  • B36BT935NS
  • B36CD50SNS
  • B36FD50SNS
  • B36FD50SNB
  • B36CT80SNS
  • B36CT80SNB
  • B36CL80SNS
  • B36CL81ENG


What BORPLFTR55 reduces

UltraClarity Pro Filter model #BORPLFTR55 are tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of:

  • Chlorine
  • Asbestos
  • Benzene
  • Lead
  • P-Chlorobenzene
  • Toxaphene
  • Atrazine
  • Cyst
  • Mercury
  • 2,4 D
  • Turbidity


So you can rest easy knowing you are getting the cleanest, best-tasting drinking water.


Maximum Capacity

This filter has a maximum capacity of 240 gallons (917 liters) and should be changed every 6 months, or when the refrigerator indicates that a new filter is needed. 


Alternatives to Bosch filter

Third party filters are available on Amazon, including:


Reset the Indicator

After changing your filter, some refrigerator models require that you manually reset the indicator light. Often this is as simple as pressing and holding the “filter reset” button for 3 seconds. Check your owner’s manual for your specific model.


If you have a Bosch refrigerator with a different model than what is listed above, you may enter your model number in the Bosch website and find out which filter you need. 


This Bosch UltraClarity Pro Filter item #11032531 replaces previous items:

  • 17005582 
  • 12033030 
  • 12036454 
  • 12028325 
  • 11025825

The UltraClarity Pro filter model #BORPLFTR55 was previously known by other model numbers: 

  • RA450022


How to replace the filter in your Bosch refrigerator

If it’s located in the bottom:

  1. Remove the protective cover from the new filter
  2. Locate the old filter in the bottom front of the refrigerator
  3. Remove the old filter by turning the cap counterclockwise and pulling it toward you
  4. Remove the cap from the bottom of the old filter by pulling gently on the tab
  5. Snap the cap onto the new filter
  6. Slide the new filter into the opening while twisting clockwise
  7. Be sure to align the cap with the marks on the refrigerator to make sure it’s properly set in place
  8. Reset your indicator per your owner’s manual
  9. Discard the old filter
  10. Discard the water for the first 5 minutes from the dispenser
  11. Discard the ice that is produced for the first 24 hours


If it’s located in the ceiling of the refrigerator compartment:

  1. Locate your water filter in the upper right corner
  2. Open the compartment by pulling at a 45 degree angle down and to the left
  3. Remove the old filter by turning counterclockwise and pulling toward you
  4. Remove the protective cover from the new filter
  5. Insert the new filter by turning clockwise all the way
  6. Reset your indicator per your owner’s manual
  7. Discard the old filter
  8. Discard the water for the first 5 minutes from the dispenser
  9. Discard the ice that is produced for the first 24 hours


What happens if you don’t change your filter?

If you don’t change the filter in your Bosch refrigerator, you may begin to notice some symptoms like hollow ice or a slow water flow. What you may not notice, is that the filter cannot continue removing contaminants from the supply water so it passes them on to you. This may affect the taste of the water as well as how efficient the filter is.



Bosch refrigerators that dispense water and ice are so convenient. Be sure to keep your water and ice clean and tasting great by replacing the water and ice filter at least every 6 months with an approved filter. If you know your filter number, it’s easy!

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