How To Change Samsung Water Filter

If you’ve invested in a Samsung refrigerator, we commend you on your decision! It’s a great refrigerator from a great brand.

But if you want fresh, clean water from your Samsung, you’ve probably heard that you should change the water filter every once in a while.

How To Change Samsung Water Filter

That’s where this article comes in. We’re going to provide you with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to changing your refrigerator’s water filter. And we’ll also answer all of your most frequently asked questions on the subject along the way.

Please feel free to scroll ahead to any section that jumps out at you. Here goes…

How Often Do I Need To Change The Water Filter?

A Samsung brand water filter is designed to last for 6 months. But if you don’t remember what date the last water filter was put in place, you don’t have to worry.

Samsung refrigerators have an indicator light to let you know when you need to replace the water filter.

Where Is The Water Filter Located?

The location of the refrigerator’s water filter depends on which model of Samsung refrigerator you have. (The model of the refrigerator will also determine which water filter you need.)

If you still have the original manual that came with your Samsung refrigerator, you can look up the location of the water filter there. If not, you can download the manual via this link.

Do I Have To Stick With Samsung Water Filters?

We strongly recommend that you only buy genuine Samsung brand water filters for your Samsung refrigerator. They have been specially designed to work perfectly with your refrigerator.

The danger of using cheap, third-party alternatives is that they can leak, or, worse yet, damage your Samsung refrigerator.

The good news, however, is that Samsung water filters are readily available online, and you’ll have no problems getting hold of them. This leads us nicely to our next question.

Where Can I Buy Samsung Water Filters?

Although you can purchase Samsung water filters directly from Samsung, you might find it easier to buy them through Amazon if you already have your details saved there, in which case, you can find a range of different Samsung refrigerator water filters on this link.  

These water filters are inexpensive, and you can buy them in multipacks if you like to save money by buying in bulk.

Alternatively, several Samsung water filters are available on Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, whereby you can arrange regular deliveries, and get a discount for your repeat purchases.

Which Samsung Water Filter Do I Need?

There are three types of Samsung in-refrigerator water filters, HAF-CIN, HAF-QIN, and HAFCU1.

When replacing your Samsung water filter, you must replace it with the same type as your previous filter, so look to see which of these three labels is on your old filter.

How To Change A Samsung Water Filter

How To Change A Samsung Water Filter

Changing your Samsung water filter depends on which type of filter you have, so start by checking that, as we described earlier, and ensure that you purchase the right one.

How To Change A HAF-CIN Or HAF-QIN Filter

The steps you need to carry out are as follows:

  1. Begin by switching off your water supply
  2. Locate the old filter (using your user manual if necessary)
  3. Open the cover and unlock the old filter by turning it counterclockwise
  4. Remove it from the filter’s housing by pulling it straight out
  5. Remove the protective cap from the top of your new filter
  6. Push the new filter straight into position
  7. Turn the new filter clockwise to lock it into place
  8. Ensure that the lock symbol is in line with the indicator line

How To Change HAFCU1 Filter

The steps you need to carry out are as follows:

  1. Begin by switching off your water supply
  2. Locate the old filter (using your user manual if necessary)
  3. Twist the old filter to the left to unlock it
  4. Pull it down from the housing
  5. Push the new filter upward into the housing
  6. Turn the new filter to the right to lock it into position
  7. Ensure that the arrow on the filter housing lines up with the notch at the top of the new filter.

Resetting The Water Filter Light

If you wish to take advantage of the Samsung refrigerator water filter indicator light (to let you know when you next need to replace the water filter), then the procedure of replacing the water filter is not truly complete until you have reset the water filter indicator light.

In most models of Samsung refrigerators, all that is required is to simply find the Filter Reset button and hold the button down for three seconds until the light resets.

In other models, you may be able to reset the water filter indicator light via an app on your smart device, in which case all you need to do is follow the steps below.

Resetting The Water Filter Indicator Light On The Family Hub App

  1. Tap “Apps” on your Home screen
  2. Tap “Fridge Manager” followed by “Fridge Settings”
  3. Tap “Water Filter” followed by “Reset”
  4. Tap “Proceed” to reset the filter indicator light

As a side note, you can also use the Family Hub app to purchase a new Samsung water filter directly from Samsung.

Resetting The Water Filter Indicator Light On Models RF4289 And RSG309

  1. Go to “Settings” (on the bottom) & tap “Water Filter”
  2. Tap “Next” 3 times until you get to page 4
  3. Hold down “Reset the water filter”
  4. Once “Filter Replaced” appears and goes away, simply tap “Save”

Wrap Up

There we go! We have now covered everything you need to know about changing the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator.

From how often you need to change the filter, what brand and type of filter to use, where your filter is, and where to get a new one from, how to replace it, and how to reset the water filter indicator light, you should now be in a better position to change the filter with ease.

And now, you get to enjoy fresh, clean water every day!

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