Can Babies Drink Distilled Water?

When you have a baby, all you want is what’s best for them. Having a child can be stressful, and it really is a shock to the system.

Can Babies Drink Distilled Water

Suddenly, you have a person that you are entirely responsible for, and somebody that you have to look after all the time.

If you are a first time parent, it can be really difficult to know what is best for your child. Many people have strong opinions about parenthood, and this can make it difficult to know what is good advice, and what is simply judgment from other people.

It really can be difficult to get the information that is best for your little one.

One thing that you might want to know is whether, or not, babies can drink distilled water. In this guide, we’ll be answering that question. So, keep on reading to find out!

What Is Distilled Water?

First things first, let’s take a look at what distilled water is. Distilled water is water that has been through the distillation process.

In this process, water is heated up to the point where it is transformed from liquid into gas, so instead of your water being liquid water, it will become steam.

The water that is transformed into vapor, will then be cooled so that it transforms back into liquid. So water is heated into a vapor, and then cooled back into water.

You might be wondering what the point of this is, and to put it simply, it is to remove the minerals that are often found in water. Most water is “hard” water.

This basically means that the water contains minerals, usually calcium and magnesium minerals. These minerals are added to the water through its journey on Earth as it travels through deposits.

Hard water isn’t necessarily bad, and it isn’t dirty. In fact, there are quite a few health benefits that are reported when drinking hard water.

However, distilled water is essentially cleaner as the mineral deposits will not transform into a vapor when heated. So, the water that is left after the distillation process is pure, with almost no minerals left once the process is complete.

Can Babies Drink Distilled Water?

So, now that you know what distilled water is, let’s cut right to the chase and find out if babies can drink distilled water.

In short, yes, babies can drink distilled water. There is nothing harmful in distilled water, so it is perfectly safe for your baby to drink it.

However, if you are a new parent, you have probably heard people arguing that distilled water isn’t the best for babies. This is a fair argument. Distilled water has been stripped of the minerals that are usually found in water.

It is easy to assume that distilled water is “cleaner”, and even easier to assume that this is a good thing. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

The minerals that naturally occur in water are actually nutrients. Both calcium and magnesium are good for us, and that is why it isn’t harmful to drink hard water.

When water is distilled, all the nutrients are stripped from the water. This means that your baby will not get any nutrients when they drink distilled water.

But, don’t panic! There is no need for your baby to get nutrients from water. If you are giving your baby water, it is likely used to make the formula milk that your baby drinks.

There isn’t any need for the water to provide your child with nutrients because all the nutrients that they need will already be in the formula that you give them. So, yes, your baby can drink distilled water.

Is Distilled Water Safe For Babies?

Is Distilled Water Safe For Babies

As we have established, yes, your baby can drink distilled water. It won’t provide your child with any nutrients, but it is perfectly safe for your little one. In fact, using distilled water can actually save you time when you are making formulas for your child.

Distilled water has been through the distillation process. This will remove any impurities from the water, making it perfectly safe for your baby to consume.

Due to this, you can use distilled water for baby formula without needing to boil it. As opposed to regular bottled or tap water which must be boiled and then cooled before you can add it to your baby’s formula.

This is the main reason why a lot of people are choosing to use distilled water instead of regular water when they prepare their baby’s bottle.

When you have a young baby, time is precious, so using distilled water can really save you time and help you feed your child quicker. The same principle applies to purified water.

Is Distilled Or Purified Water Better For Babies?

So, both distilled and purified water do not need to be boiled before you add them to your baby’s formula. Both of these types of water have gone through a process that removes all the impurities before they were bottled.

This means that all that is left is pure water that is perfectly safe for your baby. But which is better?

In reality, neither is better. Even though these two types of water go through very different preparation processes, the end result is pretty much the same.

At the end of the process, both of these types of water will contain nothing that could harm your baby, and no impurities that have to be boiled away.

So, there isn’t a better option, both purified and distilled water are excellent options for adding to your baby’s formula for their next meal.


In short, yes, babies can drink distilled water. Babies can drink any type of water, but regular tap or bottled water will need to be boiled and then cooled before it is added to your child’s formula.

In contrast, distilled water (and purified water too) can safely be added to your child’s formula without being boiled, as the impurities in the water have already been removed.

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Mandy Anderson