Water generation

As a first step, Element Four® has developed an affordable domestic appliance capable of extracting the moisture naturally present in atmospheric humidity. The result is a device that will provide pure drinking water from an unlimited supply of ambient air. Water is produced in a quantity designed to meet the daily requirements of a small family. Our products have the potential to change lives by eliminating the time and energy spent on a daily basis by billions of people worldwide to obtain a small supply of this life-sustaining substance. It may also save lives by eliminating exposure to severe health risks caused by ingesting contaminated water.
Our atmosphere water-generating technology that extracts water from moist ambient air has advanced to the point where it can continuously supply clean, healthy water at a reasonable cost. Considering the cost of running pipelines, public water filtration systems, or buying bulk clean water in the store, our technology is now competitive with established methods of providing clean drinking water.
Element Four products generate and purify water, both on and off the grid. Our solutions to the basic human need for fresh, clean water can be applied to domestic, commercial, recreational, agricultural, military and humanitarian purposes. Our technology can be used almost anywhere water is needed.
The result? You have taken control of your family’s drinking-water needs. Once drinking water is created, it goes to the point-of-use devices in the home. Our WaterMill is designed for home use, producing enough water for a family to drink and cook with every day.

The Mechanics of making water from air

An atmospheric condenser is a device able to extract moisture from ambient air. Using an air intake fan, warm air is drawn into the machine and flows toward a cooled coil that condenses the humidity into liquid form. This liquid is then sterilized by an ultraviolet light that kills bacteria. Afterward, a filtration system is used to remove solids from the water before the water is stored in a holding tank. The quantity of water produced is dependent on the relative humidity and temperature of the surrounding air. Current water generating technology is effective in a threshold of at least 15.5 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and at least 30% of relative humidity    

The WaterMill® WM-200 produces pure water for a healthy family and a healthy environment

The WaterMill® provides you with:

  • clean, fresh water for drinking and cooking
  • ease of use and maximum water generation from air
  • a sustainable, elegant appliance for your home


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