The WaterMill

What is the WaterMill®?

Technically speaking, the WaterMill® is an atmospheric water collection device that condenses water vapor and purifies it. In English: It's a home appliance that makes drinking water for your whole family - using only air.

Here's how it works:

The system draws in moist, outside air through an air filter. The moist air passes over a cooling element, condensing the moist air into water droplets. This water is then collected, passed through a specialized carbon filter and is then exposed to an ultraviolet sterilizer, eliminating bacteria.

The result? You have taken control of your family's drinking water needs.

Once drinking water is created, it goes to the point of use devices in your home: your refrigerator, spigot, water cooler or backsplash dispenser.
The WaterMill® is designed for home use, producing enough water for a family to drink and cook with every day.

Why Watermill®?

Outdoor Location

Inside air is up to 70 times more polluted than outside air. The WaterMill®is installed unobtrusively on the outside of your home, using outside air, so it won't dry out the air you breathe in your home. And don't worry if your outdoor air is less than pristine - even if you live in a crowded city, the Watermill's filtration system ensures your drinking water will be clean and free of toxins and bacteria - more pure than tap water or even spring water.


Where and how you access your water is up to you. The WaterMill® can be connected directly to your sink, an existing bottled water system, your refrigerator, or a custom dispenser.

Energy Efficiency

The WaterMill® is designed to minimize energy use. It's so efficient that producing one liter of water costs only three to four cents. Alternative bottled water systems typically cost ten cents per liter or more.

Smart Technology

The WaterMill® is smart about more than just energy. Our innovative control system enables the WaterMill® to adapt to changing conditions in every climate. It automatically adjusts airflow to maximize water production, while minimizing power consumption. Water production is constantly monitored and controlled. The WaterMill® displays temperature, humidity and water production, and it will tell you when it is time for service.

Power Source Compliance

The WaterMill® system has been engineered to be as efficient as possible, compliant with any power source. Look for Element Four systems that run on a solar panel or wind generator in the near future.

Patented Technology

The WaterMill® product line are patented or patent applied for and are the intellectual property of Element Four Technologies Inc.

Our Promise of Quality

The WaterMill® by Element Four is a high-quality product, but even high-quality products need to be properly maintained for a long life. The WaterMill® comes backed by a 1 year full parts and labor warranty. If you maintain your WaterMill as suggested, you'll get years of use and thousands of gallons of fresh, clean water.

The WaterMill® WM-200 produces pure water for a healthy family and a healthy environment

The WaterMill® provides you with:

  • clean, fresh water for drinking and cooking
  • ease of use and maximum water generation from air
  • a sustainable, elegant appliance for your home


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