Mexico: The Global Water Crisis Up Close

With the existing international trends in population growth and urbanization expected to continue well into the future, the global water crisis is sure to become more visible over time, affecting tens of millions of lives. Mexico, with its population of 120 million people, is experiencing these trends on a scale like few other countries.
Due to the country’s high population growth rate and low water-use efficiency, the water in its rivers and lakes has become insufficient in certain regions. Its sources of groundwater supply are over-exploited, and the natural quality of water has deteriorated. This has brought on growing competition for water, translating into conflicts in different areas of the country, with associated negative effects on social well-being and economic development.

These “water wars” are beginning in many areas around the world. The following chart illustrates the expected decline in the mean per-capita availability of water in Mexico from 2007 to 2030. A new source of clean water is urgently needed    

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